OVYSL’s Recreational Soccer Program

Welcome to OVYSL’s Recreation Soccer Program and thank you so much for volunteering to coach a team. The League is grateful for your help.

OVYSL depends solely on volunteer parent coaches to support league play. Coaches are not required to have sport-specific knowledge and will be offered training and support from OVYSL’s Director of Coaching. In addition, coaches have the flexibility to set team practice days/times and to select a practice location that works best for them.

During the online registration process, parents/guardians will have the opportunity to indicate their willingness to either coach or to be an assistant coach for their child’s team. There is also the opportunity to indicate a desired assistant coach.

If you are not registering online, and will be mailing your child’s registration payment and documents, you can indicate your willingness to coach your child’s team by contacting Joel Middleton at ovasstrec@gmail.com.

Listed below is some useful information.

For Program Dates and Deadlines:  Click Here

1601 Forms:  Every U6 - U10 player that has registered should already have mailed a 1601 Medical Release Form to OV’s Registrar, which is kept on file by the League. Coaches are also required to have a copy of the 1601form, for each player, and to bring this 1601 form with them to each game and to each practice. The reason that we cannot make copies for you, from the Registrar’s office is two-fold: 

1) all the 1601’s may yet not have been received by the League and

2) copying, sorting and distributing 1601’s for all the players in the Recreation Program is impossible with our limited volunteer resources.

It is most feasible for the coach to get the 1601 from each player. The coach must have a 1601 in hand before that player can begin practicing or participating in games. To facilitate this process we suggest that you email the form to your parents prior to the first practice, such that parents can bring the completed form to your first practice. You may wish to bring a few blank copies to your first practice.

Click Here for a 1601 Form.

Live Scan Background Check and Admin Registration (A ONE TIME ONLY Requirement): All NEW coaches and NEW assistant coaches will be required to complete a Live Scan Background Check at the expense of the League.  

For more Live Scan information, click here.

All coaches and team staff members will also be required to complete an online application. The application is located on the "Player Registration" page, under "Select Registration Types(s)". Once you have logged into the system, please follow the prompts to register as a "Coach/Admin".

Rosters and Roster Changes: Please support OV’s Recreational Program policy, stipulating that once rosters are final, they will not be modified. If a parent inquires about moving a player to another team, please inform them that our policy allows no exceptions. Much time and effort has already been spent to balance the teams and grant as many requests as possible. 

If a parent contacts you that their child will not be participating during the season, have them contact us directly, so that this player will be officially dropped from the roster, such that we can add another player from the wait list.  We will not replace players on your roster without an “official drop”, as that player may show up to practices and games later in the season and will expect to receive a uniform and be allowed to participate on the team.

Your team roster will be emailed to you approximately one week before practices can begin.  Additional players may be added to your roster at anytime during the season, unless your roster is already at maximum capacity.

Once you receive your team roster, please connect with your players as quickly as possible. Most players are extremely eager to hear from their coach.

Hand Guide (U6 - U10):  The Recreational Soccer Hand Guide (Rules of the Game) will be provided to you electronically.  Click here to view Hand Guide.

Game Schedules: Game schedules will be emailed to coaches after practices have begun, and will also be posted on the web site under the Recreational Program tab.

Uniforms, Game Balls and Participation Medals will be provided to coaches. Details will be communicated via email. 

When you receive your team uniforms, do not distribute them immediately. We recommend that you distribute them to your players one week before games begin. There may be players that drop from your roster, and when we replace these players with players from the wait list, we assume that you will have a uniform for each replacement player.

U6 coaches will receive one ball for each player.  Please use them for practices and games, throughout the season, and then distribute them to your players at the end of the season.

U8 – U14 coaches will receive three game balls.

Team Names: Your team name is selected by your team. OVYSL does not assign one. If you want to incorporate your jersey color into your team name, you will need to wait until you receive your uniforms.

Practice Fields: Reservations of the practice fields are not required, as they can be used on a first-come, first-serve basis. When you arrive at the field, stake out your area and begin practice. If a particular field is overcrowded, you may wish to change your future practice location.  Please use only the fields that are permitted for OV’s use, and therefore insured by CYSA.  For the List of Practice Fields, Click Here.

Combination for all Portable Toilets: 1-4-14

When leaving the practice field, please remove all of your team’s trash and make certain to lock the portable toilet.

There is a “No Dogs Policy” on all School Campuses.


Holiday Inn

Kirigin Cellars