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'Joysticking' Is Killing Youth Sports
Micromanagement is often cited as the worst trait a manager can have when working with their employees. This is no different with coaching youth sports. Read the full article.

Sideline Experiment – Academy v Grassroots Football
In the original experiment of a grassroots game 16 months ago, we recorded 134 direct instructions yelled on to players at an under 8 football match, from either spectators or coaches and looked at the negative impact that this type of behaviour had on the young players involved in the match. Read the full study.

2019 – The year of progress not perfection?
As we enter another year with a new set of goals and challenges, we wanted to take a moment to reflect on what we have learnt over the last year and what we are hoping for in 2019. Read what we feel is important in 2019.

The 'Unknown Damage?' caused from the touchline
"Many of these parents and coaches are well intentioned, trying to support their child and their team through match situations totally unaware of the damage they may be doing by overly involving themselves before and after but crucially during the game itself. I say that they are unaware because if they are not the current climate on the sidelines is far worse than I currently fear." Read on.

Whose game is it anyway?
In many ways a simple question to answer, but one that despite what we may say as parents and sometimes as coaches, is not always backed up by the behaviours that we display on a regular basis. Read the full article.

'The Race to the Bottom' and 'Keeping up with the Joneses' - A nightmare mix for sporting parents and their children
Across many children’s lives there is an increasing pressure and a competitive race to reach the top at the youngest ages not just on the sports field but also musically and academically. A potential ‘arms race’ built on the needs of adults and fuelled by money, success and a misled belief in much publicized myths such as completing the 10,000 hours will guarantee the type of success a child should be craving. Read on.






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