Playing Up Policy – Competitive Program

Players Who Wish to Play Up an Age Group (At Tryouts):

(This applies to current OV Toros FC Players)

Any current OV Toros FC player MUST make a request, in writing, via e-mail to the OV Toros FC Director of Coaching, (DOC), prior to tryouts, to tryout at an age group above. To be considered, the DOC will decide whether the player is able to compete at the above age group, and playing up is beneficial to the players development, and, this cannot be gained playing at their own age group. The decision of the DOC is final and will be based upon discussions with the players’ Head Coach and age group Technical Director, (TD).

A player will only be considered for the age group that they try out. So, if you wish to be considered for your own age group, then you must try out in that age group as well, unless agreed by the DOC, for example, where age groups are combined to form a team.

Players will only be selected on the top team, (Black), unless agreed otherwise with the DOC prior to tryouts, for reasons that benefit the player and or the team above, i.e. not enough players to form a team.

Players who currently play up are NOT grandfathered in, and will need to request to tryout and as with any player, can be moved down at any time during the season should it be felt best for their development

Players unable to attend tryouts, but register wishing to play, (due to illness, injury or vacation), will be placed, or not placed, according to previous year’s performance, new players at tryouts, and recommendation of their previous Head Coach, TD, and DOC.

All new players to OV Toros FC who wish to tryout an age group up will be held to the same standards/criteria, although no e-mail request is required.

Players Who Wish to Play Up an Age Group (During the Season):

(This applies to both new players and current OV Toros FC Players)

Players who wish to play up an age group during the season, either due to development and or are new to the club, will be allowed to train with a team to start and placed according to their ability, as per the decision of the Head Coach, TD, and the DOC. Any player must meet the following criteria before they will be allowed to join the team:

Criteria to be considered to play up:

1. Is the move clearly in the best interest of the individual player’s development?

2. Is it clear that the needs of the player are not being met in their own age group?

3. Will the player be able to compete at the age group above?

4. Are rostering needs being met without being a detriment to any of the involved teams or individual players? i.e. the team they wish to play for needs players, and the team below, (own age group), is not in need of players, or moving would leave team short

5. How disruptive is the move to the involved teams and other players’ development?

6. Player and family understand that this is not a guaranteed placement and can/will be reviewed continually throughout the season

7. The player agrees to be on the roster for the black team of their own age, and help when required/available

Exceptions to this rule:

Players who do not make a team due to too many players in the age group, and combining with the older age group will allow a team to be formed, that may not be a top, Black team,

The team below, (own age group), currently has no team, or does not play at the level that will challenge this player, however player realizes that if that should change and it deemed the right fit, the player will move back to the team of their own age group.

With any play up opportunity, the final say will go to the OV Toros FC DOC, whose word will be final.

Guest Playing During the Season:

This will consider the A-B-C-D (Ability - Behavior - Commitment - Desire). If a player meets all these requirements, then they can be rewarded with the chance to guest up.

Players will need to first guest up to the team above at their own age group, i.e. if a player plays on a white team, they will guest up to the red team and so on.

All teams in the age group will work together to encourage players development to guest train and play for the team above at every opportunity.

The Head Coach will identify and communicate with the Head Coach of team guesting to, of the players they feel should be given the opportunity to do so.

For players who currently play on the black team in an age group, they will be encouraged to train and guest play up for the team above that meets their developmental needs. This will be decided by the coaches of the teams with the final decision by the DOC if needed, again based upon the A-B-C-D policy.

Players should look to guest at practice first to become familiar with teammates.

Procedure for Getting Guest Players:

Team Snap will ONLY be used for current players on the team roster, NOT guest players

Team Snap will be used by the coach to identify player availability by midnight Wednesday of the week of the game. Any player shown as not available or not shown at all, will be classed as unavailable and the coach will seek to get guest players from the team above.

Note that players who show for games but do not complete Team Snap, may not get as much play time as the guest player who has been asked to play.

The Head Coach/Team Manager will contact the Head Coach and Team Manager of the team above with all the game information asking for players, including a request for a certain position. Based upon the A-B-C-D, the Head Coach/Team Manager, will communicate to the player(s), that there is a chance to guest play up. Under no circumstances will a Head Coach, Team Manager, Parent/neighbor, ask a player to guest for a team without the players’ Head Coach say so. It is only after the player has been notified by their team, will the players communicate directly with the other Head Coach/Team Manager.

Only then can the Head Coach/Team Manager confirm all the details with the player.

In the case of late notice, injury, sickness etc., the Head Coach can contact the player directly only after being given the go ahead by the Head Coach/Team Manager of the team via phone call, e-mail or text message. Disciplinary action will be taken against any coach whose team fails to follow these procedures.

Again, any dispute will be sorted by the OV Toros FC DOC.


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